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Twenty-something questions on yoga, wine and dogs

Why does wine after yoga always lead to overly drunken evenings? If downdog is so easy for dogs, then why don’t dogs just teach yoga? Or brew beer? Why don’t all coffee shops already sell beer and wine – or at least Irish coffees?

Why is the laundry machine always taken? Why do some of the best desserts have cereal in them? Will we ever get too old for Reese’s Puffs or Cocoa Crispies? How sad will we be if we do? Where does the word “housework” come from? As a kid, we all do “homework” but when we’re adults we have to do “housework” – what’s the difference, anyway? Will the floors ever stay clean for more than a day? Do you still believe in the 10-second rule?

Why does everyone who’s writing a college paper double space to start a sentence? Were we all just trying to make our papers seem longer? And is that what Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Spaces” is really about? Why is Taylor Swift a guilty pleasure for so many of us? When will we decide our favorite decade of music?

Why can we all get away with blaming the weatherman? Who else was traumatized by the movie, “Twister?” Or “Titanic?” Why don’t we appreciate our parents enough until people our age start becoming parents? Whose parents don’t love wine?

If you can be engaged to your significant other and you can be engaged at work, what does the word engage really mean? When will we truly take the freedom to define things for ourselves?


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Twenty-something questions for an early spring day

Will social media be a part of the entire rest of our lives? How will we make sure we’re not the generation who forgot how to interact in person?

What are they going to call 90s and 2000s music when it’s the equivalent of “oldies”? Wouldn’t work be better if we could all listen to our own music? Are the remnants of instrumental skills from elementary school still helping us be smarter? Will the whole stand-up desk fad really catch on at the office? Or will we all be sitting on medicine balls someday soon?

Why does where to live involve so many other decisions? Who to live with? House or townhouse or condo or apartment? In which town?

I wonder: which sport has the most fair-weather fans? And which team? Is football better in the rain … or snow?

Why is a “free” beer with a haircut one of the most exciting things ever?

Why does my next vacation seem so far away? Can there ever be any better vacation destination than Hawaii? Where’s the best place you’ve ever been on vacation? The worst?

Why does cleaning have to be a never-ending battle? What if you were offered a trip to Never-Never Land? What would the world have gotten excited about if there was no “Harry Potter”? Or “Star Wars”?

Does it get harder to learn history as time goes on? Anyone else have a high school history teacher who introduced himself by saying he was “high on life?”

Doesn’t thinking about “retirement” in your twenties feel like thinking about dinner at breakfast?

What surprises will life throw at us next? And what will we do to be ready?

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Twenty-something questions on roommates, vacations and dessert

Why is hogging practically the entire fridge the best part of your roommate being on vacation? Why is not having to close the bathroom door while peeing the other best part? When will be my next vacation? Where will I go?

Will I ever be able to get enough sleep? Or adventure? Or ice cream? Will the gelato trend die out soon? Why don’t more Dairy Queens stay open year-round?

Where was your first job? Where might be your next?

Why do bug bites itch? Why does the same spider seem to show up in my room every time I least expect it?

Why would anyone ever record a box fan for nine hours and post it to YouTube? What might I find if I impulse clicked videos on YouTube? Why have I never felt the need to try that?

Does my smartphone think I’m dumb? What would Siri do? Or what would Jesus do? What would your mom do? When did you last see your mom? Your grandparents? Your siblings? Your feet? (just kidding)

What would you change if life gave you one do-over? Why is saying “I’d change nothing” taking the easy way out? And why does the easy way often seem like the best way?

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Twenty-something questions, mostly about chocolate

Will I ever grow out of sugary cereals? Especially Reese’s Puffs, will I ever be too grown-up for those?

Why does wet hair always make you cold?

Why are the best thoughts the easiest to forget? Do the most difficult decisions eventually make themselves?

What if we could predict the future? Would we really want to know what happens next?

How can work feel like such a grind some days, but so much fun other days? What if you were stuck forever at your first job? Or with your first boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?

Why do scarves have to itch? More like why do most fashionable things have to be uncomfortable to wear?

Why can’t most swimmers run? Why can’t most runners swim even one lap without getting out of breath? Wouldn’t it be great if swimsuits lasted longer?

Ok, seriously, why can’t I get the peanut butter and chocolate combination of Reese’s out of my head? Would my stomach stop growling if I ate something chocolatey right now? Will I get some peanut butter cups for Valentine’s Day? Will the Feb. 15 chocolate sales be any good this year?

Which holiday do you associate most with family? Friends? Candy? Drinking? Why does graduation mean you’re automatically too old for your college’s drinking holiday? If there’s still beer, does it really matter?

What do you want to do today? Wouldn’t it be nice to do exactly that? Wouldn’t life be better if we all felt rested and energized, every day?

If there was a magic “feel rested” potion, would you use it? Do you believe in magic? Or do you think it’s cheesy/hokey/fakey? Do you believe in true love? If you used to believe (in magic, or God or love or anything else) what happened? And what are you going to do about it?

Got answers? Or questions of your own? Feel free to share.

May your Valentine’s Day be happy, filled with chocolatey goodness, or at least not overwhelmingly “gag me” romantic and annoying. Because no amount of chocolate can cure that.

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Twenty-something Questions for Christmas Eve

Why is a plane ride so exciting?

When will I feel like I’ve “made it”? Is “making it” a fallacy, anyway? Who am I to judge?

Will I turn out like my parents? Would I be OK with that?

Why can’t I break the Starbuck’s habit? Why is custard the best thing ever – even in the winter?

Why can’t there be just one open parking space? And why are meter-readers so meticulous?

Why does the word “eclectic” drive me nuts? What words do you find annoying? Like, whatever? Just sayin …

Where will my next apartment be? Will I ever truly want a house?

If the “Polar Express” bell was real, would I hear it chime?

Why do people filling up GIANT water bottles always hog the tall water fountain at the gym?

Will candidates ever give us choices better than a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich?

What if the Internet was never invented? Why is Comcast the worst company ever?

Where did I leave my phone this time?

Will cooking ever actually seem like fun? And why is my definition of “easy” so different than recipe-makers’ definition?

Where, oh where, has my alcohol tolerance gone? Oh where, oh where can it be? Still, why can’t good beer be cheaper?

Who will I keep in touch with over time? Will my twenties be over before I know it?

What will I do for others this Christmas, this season, this new year?

Got answers? Or questions of your own? Feel free to share.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy new year!

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Twenty-something life: A performance review

It’s not easy to sum up our twenty-something lives of working, dating, cooking, eating, seeing friends, trying new activities, traveling and learning about ourselves. And it’s not easy to determine, while we’re busy in the thick of it, if we’re living it well.

So this is the second half of a twenty-something life performance review, but there’s no need to keep score. These categories offer just one way to pause and evaluate different areas of your life to see where you rock and identify your next frontier for self-improvement. There’s no 1-10 point scale (unless you want to jokingly say 1 means you’re a hot mess, and 10 means you’ve totally got it together), but here it is. Review away!


Do you still live with your parents, or do you have your own place – with a roommate, boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, or totally on your own? Do you depend on your parents to pay your rent, cell phone bill, car insurance, iPass bill, etc? Do you mooch from free food at work lunches, from your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner’s fridge or your parents? Do you feel guilty about any such mooching?

Household management

Do you keep your place at least mostly clean and your laundry pile confined to one hamper or corner of your room? Do you cook a real meal that involves the stove or oven roughly once a week? Can you always see the bottom of your kitchen sink, even if it’s got a handful of dishes or pots and pans inside it? What usually takes up the majority of your fridge – beer and booze, empty pizza boxes or real food?

Love life

Are you seeing anyone? Anyone special? Or are you happier not to be, for now at least? Do you find yourself feeling jealous of others for the action they’re getting or the relationships they’re in? Are you trying new things, sexually or otherwise? Are you meeting new people, putting yourself out there, and most importantly, being yourself?

Social life

Do you see your closest friends about once a month? Are you still in touch with any high school friends? Do you see your friends who have scattered around the country when they’re back to visit? Do you plan trips to see your scattered friends with your hard-earned vacation days? Do you explore your interests, join new groups and continue to meet others like you?

Work life

Do you like your job? Is it at least important work, or a possible stepping stone to a much better position? Do you work too much? (Be honest, here – this is reviewing your life, not your work performance, remember?) How’s the commute? Are your co-workers awesome? Or at least somewhat cool or decently close to your age? Does your boss respect you? Does your company respect you – in terms of wages and benefits? And is your work causing you too much stress, or can you handle it?

Crazy life goals

What do you want to be when you grow up? No, really. Are you still dreaming about it? How do you plan to accomplish it? Is your current life (work, social, dating – everything) leading you toward what you really want to be, or preventing you from getting there? Do you still do things that make you uncomfortable, make a fool of yourself and take risks? Do you learn from your mistakes? Because if you do, you’ve got to be on the right track, and you deserve to give your twenty-something life a good review.

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Twenty-something life: Time for a review

Dear Twenty-somethings,

It’s time for your annual performance review. I know it hasn’t been a full year, but I’d like to get your paperwork done as soon as possible, especially with your fourthcoming raise. Please evaluate your performance over the past year in the following categories …”

… Apologies, everyone – I interrupt this mock performance review with a serious question – In our twenties, how do we review ourselves? What areas of our lives do we analyze to determine if we’re succeeding, struggling or sinking; if we’re happy with our lives or if we need to step it up, make a change?

If we had to fill out a performance review of our lives, instead of just our work duties, what would the categories be? And more importantly, how would we rank our current performance?

As is typical with performance reviews, I’ll give you a week to think about it. Gather your thoughts and write them out if you want. Then we’ll compare notes and give ourselves a score.

Here’s hoping it’s a good one.

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