This is Twenty-something Times …

… And this is a weekly online column written by a newspaper reporter in her mid-20s who loves running, reading, writing, wheat beers, meeting new people and the Chicago Bulls. It’s about finding inspiration, motivation and laughter from the adventures, challenges and triumphs of twenty-something life in Chicagoland. This is Twenty-something Times, and with a little sarcasm, creativity and optimism, it may just be the time of your life. Twenty-something Times concluded Dec. 29, 2015. But the posts remain, so I invite you to read, think, share and enjoy.

And this is its author …

Marie Wilson

Twenty-something Times writer Marie Wilson

I am a writer, reporter and thinker; a runner, soccer player and avid basketball fan; a Catholic, feminist, and University of Illinois alum. I value honesty, optimism and equality for all. I always have apples and carrots in my fridge and I finally added a section to my budget just for ice cream. When I’m not taking wandering runs through the Western suburbs, keeping in touch with my family and friends or otherwise analyzing twenty-something life, I’m busy covering the news of Naperville for the Daily Herald.

  1. #1 by Marie Ochi-Jacobs on May 29, 2013 - 5:38 pm

    Dear Marie: I want to let you know that your blog came up in my search (for my work) for “words twenty somethings use to express excitement”. Started reading and kept reading. Really enjoyed your piece on Roger Ebert.

    You are correct — live life to the fullest…at least as best you can! I can say this because I’m sixty something. Many of life’s lessons you acknowledge at twenty something, remains true at sixty something. I really enjoy being sixty something; what I know now would have helped when I was twenty something. Such as find what you like to do as soon as you can and dedicate yourself to it. It will make you a much happier and interesting person. I think you have done this so you can check this off your bucket list.

    Take care,

    • #2 by twentysomethingtimes on May 30, 2013 - 2:44 pm

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Marie. I’m glad you not only found my blog, but enjoyed reading it. I’m also glad to hear some of my insights or realizations appear to be on the right track. Thanks again for reading and best of luck!

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