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Twenty-something bad habits, or Tired always wins

“When we’re tired, all of our bad habits start to sneak back in.”

I actually heard that quote while listening to sports talk radio (gotta love my Chicago Bulls!)

But it applies well to other aspects of life, too. Actually, it applies perfectly to bad habits in our love lives, in how we treat our families, in how we manage our responsibilities at work, and even little things like whether we leave dishes caked with three days ago’s dinner residue in the sink and how often (if ever) we clean the bathroom.

Let’s be real here, being tired is a major drag. And it brings out the worst habits in all of us.

I could be all positive and try to suggest a way around being tired, or at least a way around letting it affect our productivity and our ability to prevent ourselves from snapping at annoying siblings, overprotective parents or slightly clingy boyfriend/girlfriend/partners.

But we’re talking about tired. (Basketball fans, please laugh at my Allen Iverson “We talkin’ bout practice,” reference. Thanks. Moving on …)

Tired is one of the most unsolveable problems the world can throw at us.

We can throw back all the coffee, pop, 5-Hour Energy drinks or other forms of caffeine we want, but tired still wins. We can sleep for hours on end to try to conquer weeks or months of sleep deprivation, but tired still wins.

I’ve resigned from fighting the battle against tired and the bad habits it brings.

So instead of pretending I’ve found a magic way around that drained, lacking-energy feeling, and instead of trying to prevent my tiredness from bringing out my own personal bad habits, I’ve decided to laugh. Yup, that’s right, laugh.

I hope you’ll all laugh along with me as I present the occasional series “Twenty-something bad habits.”

Perpetually running five minutes late? Check.

Sleeping in like a college kid on winter break – but oops, it’s only Thursday! I’ve got that covered, too.

And don’t forget spending way too much time in coffee shops, making accidental ageist comments to thirty-somethings and occasionally slipping into teen speak and saying “like, totally!” or something equally juvenile … to your boss.

Tired or not, our twenty-something bad habits usually strike at the most inopportune times, and sometimes lead to scenarios better fit for a slapstick comedy flick than the real world.

“Twenty-something bad habits” is the place where those moments shine. So wipe the sleepy stuff from your tired eyes, splash some water on your face, pop a caffeine pill, or do whatever it is you do to pretend you’re not tired – then dig right in to “Twenty-something bad habits,” where your very worst, good-for-nothing habit is at least good for a laugh.


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