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You know you’ve reached adulthood when …

You wake up one morning and you suddenly feel … well … adult.

You rub the sleep out of your eyes, sit up and realize – this is not a dream. You really are an adult.

That’s totally not how it happens.

And because that’s not how it happens, we need to dispel the myth and answer the question: When, in this whirlwind of twenty-something life, do we officially become adults?

Adulthood doesn’t strike magically on your 21st birthday, hit you the day you graduate college, or even begin right away when you start your first full-time, professional job.

Adulthood sneaks its way into your life in more subtle ways, ways so tricky and seemingly insignificant you may not even notice.

You decide one day to wear pants in the summer. No one’s forcing you to, but it seems like the right choice, so you go for it, even though it’s 80-something degrees.

You’re sitting at the “kids table” at family Thanksgiving. But you look around and notice everyone at the table is in their 20s, or out of college, or has been working professionally a couple years, or whatever the case is. There’s a kids table and you’re still relegated to it, but the kids aren’t really kids, ya know?

You’re reviewing the benefits your company offers before open enrollment. After calling your eye doctor, you excitedly utter a phrase that goes like this: “Yes! My eye doctor’s on the plan! Now I’m going to save a bunch of money on contacts!” You chide yourself for sounding way too much like that Geico gecko, and then you sign right up for vision insurance.

It’s during these naturally occurring moments of twenty-something life that we transform from kids or college kids or something else undefinable into adults. Officially.

So read along as I recognize some of these moments in the occasional series “Grown-up moments.”

Who knows, you may even learn to spot some of your own “old” moments and appreciate this strange transition for exactly what it is – a gradual slide into logical decision-making and the pursuit of our best possible happiness.



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